pandoc: Error running filter pandoc-citeproc

I was trying to convert a paper with a bibliography from .tex to .odt (see here) using the following command:

pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc -csl=harvard-kings-college-london.csl --bibliography="/path/toward/my/database/bib/my_bibliography.bib" --biblatex --latex-engine=xelatex article.tex -o article.odt

when pandoc sent me the following error message:

pandoc-citeproc: "stdin" (line 1602, column 2):
unexpected "B"
expecting "c", "C", "p", "P", "s" or "S"
CallStack (from HasCallStack):
error, called at src/Text/CSL/Input/Bibtex.hs:111:32 in pandoc-citeproc-
pandoc: Error running filter pandoc-citeproc
Filter returned error status 1

The conversion was done, but without the bibliographic references.

A diagnosis for this type of problem found here (I don’t know what this site exactly is, but it put me on the right track) allowed me to identify the problem and fix it.

Line 1602 in the pandoc error message referred to the BibLaTeX database my_bibliography.bib. The entry that started on line 1602 of this file looked like this:

author = {Nom, Prénom},
title = {Le titre du livre},
year = 2017,
publisher = {Le nom de l'éditeur},
location = {Ville d'Édition},^S
pagetotal = 160}

The ^S (which looks like a control character) at the end of the location line had nothing to do there. Its suppression put things back in order.

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